Hi 👋, i am George Petropoulos. My greek name is Giorgos or Yiorgos or Yorgos (greek: Γιώργος), a common abbreviation of my birth name Georgios (greek: Γεώργιος).

I am based in Athens, Greece and i am currently working as a data engineering tech lead in an awesome company called Chartmogul. Having worked in lots of different domains (analytics, fintech, hiring, AI, R&D in multiple fields) i consider myself a versatile person who will understand the business and figure out what it’s needed to improve it. I am an executor and problem solver by nature, and i always aim to help and encourage my team and colleagues to learn and grow themselves.

I have worked and experimented with lots of data engineering tools, databases, programming languages, libraries and cloud services. I am currently working on the modern data stack (Snowflake and dbt) and understand how i can improve Chartmogul’s internal tooling and methodologies.